Mountain summer in the Ybbstaler Alps

The Ybbstaler Alps are calling!
We stand for the "wild" Mostviertel.
There is a lot to experience outdoors here:
Above all, fantastic views.

Lots of variety on our themed trails

Boredom? There is no such thing!
Move around in a rich natural landscape and learn about the beer, the railway, the water and mysterious treasures.
Especially for children there is a lot to discover.


in the Ybbstaler Alps

To the "Wilde Mostviertel"

The best tips for your mountain tours in the Ybbstaler Alps.
The Ybbstaler Alps stand for the "wild" Mostviertel.
There is a lot to experience outdoors here - especially fantastic views.

Off on the bike

Mountain bike | e-bike | road bike

Pedals, ready, go!

Get to know valleys and mountains in the Ybbstaler Alps by cycling.
Around Ötscher, Hochkar, Gamsstein, Voralpe, Königsberg and Lunzer See tours of varying degrees of difficulty lead.


on the Salza

Experience the Salzatal

The varied rafting tour takes you into landscapes that are otherwise hardly accessible. At the waterhole gorge, the particularly brave can jump from a diving board into the current of the Salza.

Off to the cool water!

The Ybbstaler Alpen region is rich in cool, clear water.
The seaside resort in Lunz am See and the river baths in Hollenstein/Ybbs and Göstling/Ybbs
give a summer-like feeling.
In combination with a sporting activity your day is perfect!

Ybbstaler "Solebad"

in Göstling

River bath at the Ybbs

in Göstling/Ybbs

Bathing, boating, hiking

in Lunz am See